Detecting Fevers and Flu With A New Detection Methods

Can you believe how much flu detection has advanced over the last few years.  I think that this is just the beginning and these kind of fever detection devices will be in many public spaces over the next few years.

As many across the nation express concern about an Ebola outbreak, students in five Dallas schools are dealing with the real-world effects of Ebola in America. On Monday and Tuesday, their schools installed fever scanners at nurse stations to help diagnose students with Ebola. Though officials dont expect an outbreak in the schools, these scanners allow a nurse to take a students temperature without having to touch them, reducing the risk of spreading the infection.

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I think that it is quite remarkable how much things have advanced in <a href="">hearing aid</a> technology.  I remember my grandmother wearing hers and how when she would turn it up, it would squeal.  I wonder if they still do that!
<blockquote class="curated_content">(BPT) – Technology has made dramatic improvements in the lives of people of all ages, and the improvements made in hearing technology may be some of the most advanced to occur in the last several years. Just a decade ago, hearing aids were basic amplifiers. Now theyre completely connected with other technological devices, making everyday life easier for the wearer.</blockquote>

The Holidays Are Perfect Times For Emergency Preparedness

I don’t know about you, but I think that having a good emergency response plan is just the first step in making sure you are one step ahead of a disaster should one arise.

As a federal IT manager, you always have to be prepared for the unnatural disaster, too. In fact, according to a federal IT survey by my company, SolarWinds, over 20 percent of respondents said they did not have a disaster preparedness and response plan in place. So, before the weather gets frightful increasing the chances that you may experience significant system downtime make sure you have a plan in place, and follow these best practices: Continuously monitor the network.

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Online Content Filtering

It’s pretty incredible what can be done with picture recognition technology right now.  I think that this is just the beginning and in the very near future, we will be able to use computers to also do video recognition as well.

Inappropriate images and language somehow make their way to websites such as Facebook and Google. An Anna start-up may have a way to prevent that and potentially turn itself into the region’s next $100 million venture. Image Vision Labs has developed online filters for inappropriate images, texts, videos on websites and mobile devices.

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Keep An Eye On These Social Media Companies

These are definitely some of the most innovative social media companies that you should be looking at in 2015.  It’s cool to see such young entrepreneurs basically killing it in business!

About 300, 000 apps were added to the Apple Apple App Store. Eighty-five billion apps have been downloaded since October. Even Monica Lewinsky became active on Twitter after her compelling speech at the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

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'Smart Guns' May Prevent Future Shootings

image.jpgThis certainly is interesting and imagine going to the gun club with one of these!

In the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary two years ago, President Obama signed an executive order to review the availability of innovative gun safety technologies. The shorthand for that is smart guns, weapons that through one technical solution or another only fire when in the hands of their owner. Significant hurdles have been raised by Second Amendment absolutists and the NRA.

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